Houllif, Murray: Simple Solos for Snare Drum

Houllif, Murray: Simple Solos for Snare Drum

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Simple Solos for Snare Drum - 10 S.; 10 kurze Soli, leicht

Filled with loads of playable fun, this collection of 10 pieces employs grade-appropriate rhythms and rudiments throughout. A variety of dynamics, repeat symbols, and sticking techniques are included to provide a perfect learning experience for young snare drummers. Styles include classical, rudimental 2/4 and 6/8, funk rock, Latin, and jazz..


Count Me In; Flam-tastick; Sneakin’ Up On You; Can You Do The Can-Can?; Merrily We (5-Stroke) Roll Along; A Reel Drag; Un Poquito; Syncopated Waltz; Ode To J.B.; and The Wizard Of Emporia

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