Riley, Jim: Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer (Buch + CD)

Riley, Jim: Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer (Buch + CD)

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Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer (Buch + CD) - 80 S.; ein Crashkurs durch alle musikalischen Stile: Pop, Blues, Swing, Country, Rock, Dance, Electronic, Funk, Fusion, Odd-Time, Metal, Double Bass, World Music; zu jedem Kapitel Grooves und Fills; CD mit MP3-Beispielen und Play-along Tracks; Text engl.

Written for players at every level, this is much more than just a styles book. It contains a number of tools to help prepare the drummer for any gig situation likely to be encountered as a working drummer. The book includes an MP3 CD containing audio drum examples and fully produced play-along tracks for every groove.

About the Author

About the Music/Discs  
About the Notation  
Chapter 10: Grooves from Around the World  
Chapter 1: Pop Drumming  
Chapter 2: Blues  
Chapter 3: Swing  
Chapter 4: Country  
Chapter 5: Early Rock and Motown  
Chapter 6: Dance and Electronic  
Chapter 7: Funk and Fusion  
Chapter 8: Odd-Time Signatures  
Chapter 9: Metal and Double Bass  
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