Gottlieb, Danny: The Evolution of Jazz Drumming (Buch+MP3-CD+DVD)

Gottlieb, Danny: The Evolution of Jazz Drumming (Buch+MP3-CD+DVD)

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The most complete and comprehensive historical analysis of the drummers who created and defined modern jazz drumming in print.

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Featuring Baby Dodds, Sid Catlett, Dave Tough, Max Roach, Buddy Rich, Roy Haynes, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Mel Lewis, and many others.

The Evolution of Jazz Drumming is a guide and workbook designed by author Danny Gottlieb to be studied based on a typical 16-week college semester. A legendary and influential jazz drummer is studied during each of these weeks.

The book includes a DVD of classic video clips of many of the drummers, as well as an MP3 disc with over 300 tracks. Video clips on the DVD are analyzed and transcribed in the text, while the MP3s consist of exercises and études from the book recorded at various speeds that can be looped for analysis and practice.

“This package is the perfect addition to any college jazz curriculum, as well as required study for any serious student of jazz drumming.” says Hudson Music Senior Drum Editor Joe Bergamini. “From the videos on the DVD, to the transcriptions, biographies, and rare photos, this package is a treasure for anyone with any interest in jazz drumming.”

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