Houllif, Murray: Body Percussion for Two

Houllif, Murray: Body Percussion for Two

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Body Percussion for Two - 10 kurze Duette, mittelschwer

Written in a variety of musical styles -- jazz, rock, Latin, classical, ethnic, march -- these ten grade 3-4 duets for concert, recital or classroom study are playable by two or more musicians (two copies of the score/part included). General and college music classes will also find them useful as rhythmic training pieces as the only 'instrument' required is a player's body to execute hand clapping, foot tapping/stomping, and knee/thigh/tummy patting.

Our Rumba; O'Grady And O'Shaugnessy; Jive Hands; 2 For 3; Diz 'N Bird; Viva La Mambo!; Body Rap; Half 'N Half; Athenians; Quickhand Quickstep

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