Mallets Innovative Zivkovic NJZ 5 Wood

Mallets Innovative Zivkovic NJZ 5 Wood

Artikel-Nr.: 193-275W
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Never too hard, but always VERY CLEAR and strong, ideal for strong contemporary and expressive performance, still some tenderness in piano, very good with orchestra.

The Nebojsa Zivkovic Signature Series Marimba Mallets from Innovative Percussion feature seven rubber core mallets in varying hardness, with either exclusive oversize Cedar, or classic Rattan handles. Each captures the essence and style of one of the world’s most renowned marimba soloists.


  • Rubber cores in varying hardness, wrapped in a variety of materials
  • Available with either hand-selected, strength tested oversize cedar or superior quality rattan handles
  • Durable synthetic-blend yarn wrap


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