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New Russo Antunez, Domenico: Quintessence: Das Grundlagenwerk für Drummer zum Thema Quintolen

Product no.: 022-601

Quintessence: The basic work for Drummer about quintuplets (Book + CD) - 156 Pages; Step-by-step guide to learning the quintuplets-Feels; MP3-CD with 36 play-alongs; text German

21.95 € *

New Snare Drum Sticks Rohema Jatoba Concert Stick General A

Product no.: 191-818

Jatoba Concert Stick General A - Jatoba, length 15 7/8"; diameter 0,63"

18.50 € *

Kassel, B./May, C.: Musikerwitze

Product no.: 160-160

Musikerwitze - 182 S.; kleines Taschenbuch; neue Ausgabe von 2013, über 700 Witze

7.95 € *

Burnin' Beats!

Product no.: 029-578

Burnin' Beats! - 52 full colour cards, 50 essential beats for all drummers; Rock, Metal, jazz, Funk and more; Text engl.


9.95 € *

Zivkovic, Nebojsa: Homo Balcanicus for Marimba Solo

Product no.: 044-3313

Homo Balcanicus for Marimba Solo - 6 Min.; tonal, slawisch, rhapsodischer Eröffnungsteil, grooviger Mittelteil; + Conga (oder Tom-Tom); 5-Oktav-Marimba, 4 Mallets; im Stil von Ilijas, advanced

14.50 € *

Stieger, Herwig: Ethno Percussion Vol. 1 (Book + CD)

Product no.: 061-322

Ethno Percussion Vol. 1 (Book + CD) - 80 Pages; Afro, Latin and Modern Grooves for Percussion Ensemble, 10 Ensemble-Pieces, easy to intermediate, German/Englich. In this book you'll find the first selection of my compositions for "Ethno Percussion" (Afro, Latin and modern grooves) at levels of difficulty from easy to intermediate.

19.95 € *

Hessler, Claus: Claus Hessler's Camp Duty Update (Book + MP3-CD)

Product no.: 012-111

Claus Hessler's Camp Duty Update (Book + MP3-CD) - 92 Pages; Snare Drum Rudiments zwischen Tradition und Moderne; europäische u. amerik. Trommeltradition, traditionelle Stücke aus US Camp & Garrison Duty, Leitfaden zur Interpretation der Rudiments, moderne Versionen der Quicksteps und Rudiment Klassiker, Play-alongs; Text german

19.95 € *

DVD Greb: Benny: The Art and Science of Groove

Product no.: 181-536

DVD Greb: The Art and Science of Groove - Lehr-DVD, über 3 Std. Laufzeit

28.99 € *

Fabig, Jörg: Drum Along VIII - 10 Hard Rock Songs 2.0 (Book + CD)

Product no.: 024-1223

Drum Along VIII - 10 Hard Rock Songs 2.0 (Book + CD) - 10 Play-alongs: Alice in Chains, Would; Linkin Park, Point of Authority; Limp Bizkit, Take a look around; Pearl jam, Alive; Soulfly, Pain; Metallica, Enter Sandman; Thin Lizzy, The Boys are back in Town; Foo Fighters, Pretender; Anthrax, Belly of the Beast; Iron Maiden, Number of the beast

14.95 € *

Zivkovic, Nebojsa: Sandy the Hurricane for Percussion Trio

Product no.: 080-374

Sandy the Hurricane for Percussion Trio - 6'30 Min., 2 Bass Drum, 7 Tom-Toms, 3 Snare Drum, 6 Bongos, 7 Bck., 2 chin. opera gongs, 6 flat metal kitchen pots, advanced

Link to video

28.00 € *

Racz, Gyula: Das große Buch der Schlagzeugpraxis

Product no.: 160-289

Das große Buch der Schlagzeugpraxis - 364 pages.; die Schlaginstrumente und deren Handhabung, Literatur und Spielpraxis, Solo- u. Ensemble, Symphonieorchester, das Drumset, Vibraphon im Jazz; außereuropäische Perkussionsmusik, Latin Percussion, die Djembe, Tabla, Gamelan; pädagogische Praxis und Literatur, etc.; in Zusammenarbeit mit K.Dreher, H.Moisy, M.Kiedaisch, Th.Hupp, A.Volz, B.Kremling, Th.Keemss, E.Salmen u.a.; Text deutsch

39.90 € *

DVD Mayer, Jojo: Secret Weapons for the modern drummer Part 2: A Guide to Foot Technique

Product no.: 181-529

DVD Mayer, Secret Weapons for the modern drummer Part 2: A Guide to Foot Technique - over  4 hours of footage, including tips, performance clips and bonus material is included.

35.90 € *

Stevens, Leigh Howard: Method of Movement für Marimba (german edition)

Product no.: 042-074

(with 590 exercises) The most detailed text ever written on the subject of four-mallet playing. 15 chapters covering grip, strokes, shifts, tone production, interval changes, efficient movement around the instrument.

37 photographs, 45 diagrams and 590 graduated exercises. MoM has already been translated into four languages, and is a book every percussionist and marimbist should study.

Now in a German translation by Jasmin Kolberg.

34.00 € *

Schmitt, Werner: Big Band Ballroom Drumming (Book + CD)

Product no.: 022-582

Big Band Ballroom Drumming (Buch + CD) - 80 S.; Drumset in den 10 wichtigsten Tänzen: Langs. u. Wiener Walzer, Tango, Slowfox, Quickstep, Samba, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive; von Bigband bis zum Trio, Grundlagen, Spieltechnik, musikal. Gestaltung, Play-alongs, etc.; Text german

22.95 € *

Nickel, Jost: Jost Nickels Groove Book (Book + CD)

Product no.: 022-572

Jost Nickels Groove Book  (Buch + CD) - 128 P.; Groove Design, Orchestrierung, Split & Switch Grooves, Linear Grooves, Ghostnotes, Displacements, Timing, Bass Drum Control, etc.; MP3-CD mit 200 Grooves und Exercises; Text german

21.95 € *

Weitzel, Arend: Pauken Tretschule

Product no.: 032-024

Pauken Tretschule - 38 S.; 56 Übungen zum Ein- und Umstimmen für Pedalpauken; Text deutsch/engl.

22.00 € *

Böck, Charly: Samba Percussion (Book + CD)

Product no.: 061-307

Samba Percussion (Buch + CD) - 120 S.; Latin-Instrumente, Spielweise und Übungen; Ensemble-Rhythmen f. Samba Batucada, Repinique, Samba-Reggae u.a.; Text deutsch.

22.95 € *

Rosauro, Ney: Mestre Zeferino for Marimba Solo

Product no.: 044-3264

Mestre Zeferino for Marimba Solo - 7 Min.; Fantasy over a theme from Zeferino Nandayapa; 5-Octave-Marimba, 4 Mallets, Opus 53, advanced

14.00 € *

Schäfer, Tom: Schlagzeuger Kochbuch

Product no.: 029-571
Schlagzeuger Kochbuch - Gebundene Ausgabe, 152 S.; Querformat 26 x 20; 69 wunderbare Koch-Rezepte und illustrative Portrait-Fotografien von Schlagzeuger aller Genres aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum.
24.90 € *

DVD Hessler, Claus: Drumming Kairos

Product no.: 181-504



35.80 € *

Hessler, Claus/Famularo, Dom: Open Handed Playing Vol. 2 (Buch + CD)

Product no.: 022-515
Open Handed Playing Vol. 2 A Step Beyond Buch + CD) - 138 S.; with Dom Famularo; Linear Approach, Rudimental Approach, Play-along Songs; Text engl.
22.95 € *

Hessler, Claus: Daily Drumset Workout (Buch + MP3-CD)

Product no.: 022-514
Daily Drumset Workout (Buch + MP3-CD) - 224 S.; Übungsbuch für Hartnäckige, strukturierte Übepläne, Drumset-Anwendungen binär und ternär; Independence, Akzente, Single + Double Strokes, Buzz Rolls, Flams, Ostinati, u.a.; Text deutsch, Play-alongs als MP3s
21.00 € *

Snare Drum Sticks Agner Harry Reischmann

Product no.: 191-659

Harry Reischmann Hickory - length 410 mm, diam. 16,6 mm

More Agner sticks are here

11.50 € / pair(s) *

Mallets Innovative Zivkovic NJZ 1 Wood

Product no.: 193-271W

NJZ 1 W - earthy black, Marimba, soft

here you will find all other models of "Zivkovic"-Series

46.00 € / pair(s) *
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