Verderosa, Tony: The Drummer's Guide to Loop-Based Music (Buch + CD)

Verderosa, Tony: The Drummer's Guide to Loop-Based Music (Buch + CD)

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This cutting-edge book/CD set introduces acoustic and electronic drummers to the art of performing and creating loop-based music styles. Tony Verderosa (aka VFX) is an innovative and pioneering DJ Drummer, effortlessly combining traditional drumming with electronica and FX to create a totally versatile rhythm section.

In this complete reference Verdorosa covers the history and basics of a wide variety of techno styles including jungle, drum'n'bass, hip-hop, electronica, trip-hop, 2-step, acid jazz and ambient. Illustrated with sound files as well as notated examples of beats and grooves to make a clear and easy to follow method.

The book also includes interviews with prominent techno drummers and provides information about creating breakbeats, using music software to transcribe drum grooves, acoustic drum triggering, using midi, and the author's dj drummer concept. In addition, the enhanced CD includes a demo version of Sonic foundry's Acid, loop based editing software.

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