Vega, Nucleo: Understanding Groove for Drum Set (Buch + CD + DVD)

Vega, Nucleo: Understanding Groove for Drum Set (Buch + CD + DVD)

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Understanding Groove is a thorough and innovative analysis of groove created by master drummer and highly acclaimed teacher, Nucleo Vega. This book will show you how to achieve a deeper feel and more consistent groove by bridging the gap between your physical and auditory awareness. Topics covered: whipping, Moeller technique, syllables, verbal loops, shapes of groove, nuances, speed perception, technical aspects, beat placement, poly-tempos, consistency, two-level concept, balance and many more… DVD duration 61min.


Search results: A Tangible System to Interpret, Improve and Achieve a Solid Groove
A Lingual System for Drum Set
The Missing Link: Establishing a Consistent Groove

Stick Whip (Acceleration) Creates Emotion!
Physical Approaches to Whip
Ways to Create Whip in your Stroke (Moeller)
Discovering Whip Through Rudiments
Whip Applied to Drum Set
Auditory Approach to Whip
Bridging the Gap from Physical to Auditory
How to Pick Syllables that Create Whip
Make a Verbal Loop
Verbal Loop Template
Incorporating Subdivisions
Fine Tuning your Verbal Loops!!!
Adjust Your Syllables to the Nuances of Feel
Other Exercises to Fine Tune Your Ears
The Power of Groove Manipulation
Finding Whip in Recordings and Live Performances
Thoughts on Style

Consistency in Groove
Blend Must be Consistent
Foundation/Repeated Ideas
Relationship of Feel Between Band Members
Internal Reference Points
Consistent Feel and Approach

Part 3
Understand the Shape
Groove Interpreted Through Language and Shape
Twisted Interpretations of Grooves
Realistic Application

Part 4
Beat Placement
The Art of Steering Cattle

Powers of Space
Physical Approach to Space
Space and Speed Perception

Creating Groove Identity

Entering the Abstract

Exercise Index

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