Vega, Nucleo: Paradidles Redefined for Drumset

Vega, Nucleo: Paradidles Redefined for Drumset

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The ultimate idea generator! Nucleo Vega shows step-by-step how to transform Paradiddles into NeoParadiddles. Through NeoParadiddles, you can take any simple idea and within seconds create countless variations, exploring it to the fullest. This book will help expand your vocabulary, create better fills and solos, improve ambidexterity, practice more efficiently, and play more musically. This book is easy to memorize, and you can start applying these concepts to any playing situation. Paradiddles Redefined for Drum Set will change the way you hear drums!!!


1 How to Use this Book -Paradiddles Redefined: NeoParadiddle, Fill, Ostinato, and Stone Exercises
2 Moving Around the Kit - Snare, Tom, and Floor Combinations
3 Mixed Rhythms - 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, Triplet and Rest Combinations
4 Dynamics and Accents - Loud, Soft, On and Off Beat Accent Combinations
5 Hands and Feet - Snare, Tom, Floor, and Bass Combinations
6 Using the Crashes - Snare, Tom, Floor, Bass, and Cymbal Combinations
7 Sticking and Rudiments - Various Sticking, Rudiment and Moeller Combinations
8 Textures - Buzzes and Open and Closed Tones
9 Groups of 3 - 1/16 Notes, and groups of 3 and 2 Combinations
10 Advanced Study - Cross Sticking, Sweeps, Double Drops, 5s, Brushes, Twirls, and Pitch Bends
11 Compound Patterns - Gary Chaffee Exercises: 3A, 5A, 4B, 6B and more
12 Rhythmic Figures - Resolution Points, Movable Twos, Threes, Fives, Clave, Bell Patterns, Comp Patterns and Setting Up Figures

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