Winterberg, Ingo: Trix on Trixon: The Story of the German Drum Company (Book + CD)

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Winterberg, Ingo: Trix on Trixon: The Story of the German Drum Company (Book + CD)

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280 pages fat!!!
Trixon history, drummer, drums, hardware and accessoires
inclusive 13 coloured pages, for example 1 page with all coverings and 12 pages with all catalog covers!
Inclusive CD-ROM with all Trixon catalogs and folder sheets presented in the book (22!)
(Only for MS-Windows PC)

Germany in the year 1947: while the people have to carry the burdens of the early post-war years, a young musician in Hamburg named Karl-Heinz Weimer, starts off to realize his dream he cherished for years: building his own drums and percussion instruments. Despite of countless difficulties he did not only manage to build up his own plant, already in the early 50s many national and international drum artists played his instruments under the TRIXON brand.
Numerous innovations as well as famous intercessors on the drum sector contributed to the soon achieved worldwide popularity and high esteem of the TRIXON brand.
Eventually Buddy Rich could be won for a (short) endorsement in the 60s. Although TRIXON did not survive the 70s the name is still present, and especially in these days TRIXON has gained a high popularity among collectors.
In this book Ingo Winterberg (born in 1960) has illustrated history and background of the TRIXON company - a one of a kind compilation with a lot of pictures and detailed descriptions of the instruments that will take care that also in the future the TRIXON name will always be remembered.

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