Armstrong/Knepper: Vodou Drumset (Buch + CD)

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This book offers a host of useful materials to the drumset player, the drum loop designer, the aspiring ethnomusicologist, and any other person curious about the varieties of rhythm. It includes:

  • An explanation of the Vodou tradition
  • The historical and social background of Haiti
  • An overview of traditional Vodou drum ensembles
  • Basic ensemble transcriptions and recordings of the traditional Vodou styles Yanvalou, Ibo and Nago
  • Application of the traditional Vodou rhythms to the drumset
  • How to transition between Vodou rhythms and common drumset patterns
  • Beautiful graphics connected to the Vodou tradition and Vodou drumming
  • A play-along CD with examples of every aspect presented in the book
  • The vodou rhythms are applied to all styles including: Club Dance, Jungle, Shuffle, Latin, Latin Jazz, Drum and Bass, Funk, And more...

Vodou Drumset also contains:

  • Beginning and advances coordination exercises
  • Hand drum techniques
  • Extensive bibliography
  • Extensive discography of traditional and pop Afro-Haitian recordings
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