CD O-Zone Percussion Group: Whiplash

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An eclectic collection of 13 entertaining percussion pieces vigorously performed by the outstanding O-Zone Percussion Group. Great listening and an invaluable way to inspire your budding percussionists, this delightful recording should be in the CD library of every serious percussion student or teacher. VERY NICE!

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Bouree   J.S. Bach
Greensleeves   traditional
Scherzo from Symphony #4   Peter Tchaikovsky
Prelude XXII   J.S. Bach
La Fille Aux Cheveaux De Lin   Claude Debussy
Farandole   George Bizet
Daybreak   Jack Stamp
Rainbow Ripples   G.H. Green
Log Cabin Blues   G.H. Green
The Graceful Ghost   William Bolcom
The Whistler   G.H. Green
Root Beer Rag   Billy Joel
Whiplash   Hank Levy


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