CD Quartier, Bart: Life Path

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Life Path - 2 CDs: 1. Focus 24 Images for Vibraphone; 2. Image 20 Childrens Songs for Marimba. Bart Quartier, Vibra, Marimba

Twins; Wander; Touch; Time; Hobby; Perseverance; Silence; Dialogue; Light; Space; Hug; Grateful; Idioma; Insight; Fun; Respect; Smile; Breathe; Taste; Patience; Aroma; Choices; Eyes; Ears; From the cradle; Cat nap; Stepping stone; Crocodile tears; Santa Claus; Slip n slide; Mobile; Out for a walk with granddad; Merry go round; Fuzz; Teething; Skip; Why; Sing along; Lullaby; ice cream cone; Whoopee; Imitation; Children's fancy; Music box

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