CD Zivkovic, Nebojsa: Uneven Souls (2008)

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REISSUED in 2008 in NEW  DIGIPACK cover including a 16 pages full color booklet with  texts in English, German, and Spanish. 

Including Only Recordings of Zivkovic's compositions:
Srpska Igra, Ballade für Petra, Liebeslied, Der Wanderer (all from "Funny Marimba Book1")
Ultimatum 1, Drei Unvebindliche Stücke, Les Violons Morts, for Marimba Valse Serbe, Anba, Macedonia, (those three with piano Acc)
In Erinnerungen Schwebend for 3 Flutes and Vibraphone, To the Gods of Rhythm - the coolest piece for Djembe with some voicing, Sta Vidis - for marimba and tenor voice,
and of course: UNEVEN SOULS, a 15 minutes "Balkan power" for Marimba Solo, three percussionists and male choir!!

Listen some Real-Audio files: 

To the Gods of Rhythm * Ultimatum1 * Uneven Souls * In Erinnerungen Schwebend


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