DVD Liotta, Tony: Drum Energy

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Tuning, Drumset (Paiste), Sticking, Rudiments, Bass Drum Technique (Stageworks), Brush Technique, Congas, Cajón (Schlagwerk), Cajóndrumset, Udu Drum, E-Drumset (K&M), Live-Setup, Working Live Part 1, Working Live Part 2, Drum Beats,(Variphone), Studio Working (Beyer Dynamic), Music Business, Timbales.

Extra: "Cook the Beat"

"Thank you Tony for this wonderful information about a life full of music!! "Gerald Stuetz, Drummer-Percussionist, Staatsopernorchester, Mainz DE

"Every drummer will like this DVD! Tony ist that kind of drummer we all want to be or even better: want to play with! Tony Liotta shows how to do things right and help you to become a much better drummer – all presented by the 'Chief of Groove' himself." Michael Kratz, Drummer-Singer DK


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