Drum Sticks Rohema 5 A Speed Stick

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Rohema 5 A Speed Stick - American hickory, lacquered, acorn tip, 405 x 14.3 mm

The Rohema 5A Speed Stick was developed in collaboration with Andy Gillmann. The stick is designed to get even more speed out of drumming. Andy also experimented with different ways of holding a stick. The result is a drumstick that can be optimally held between the index and middle fingers thanks to a taper in the back third. With this special speed grip, more pressure can almost automatically be exerted and the game becomes faster. With the dimensions of a classic Rohema 5A hickory drum stick, the Speed Stick is suitable for almost every drummer and many styles of music. In the video tutorial, Andy Gillmann explains the background and the precise application of the 5A Speed Stick.

Video Speed Stick Andy Gillmann

Speed Grip Tutorial-Video

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