Farrugia, Darryn: Groove Perspectives/Groove Perspectives Playalong (2 Bücher + CDs)

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Groove Perspectives/Groove Perspectives Playalong (2 Bücher + CDs) - Band 1: 72 S.; Time Playing Concepts for Funk/Fusion Drummer; Warm Ups, Linear Grooves, Layered Grooves, u.a.; Text engl.; Band 2 Playalongs: 43 S.; 5 Play-along-Titel, Text engl.

Groove Perspectives - Ultimate Pack ( 2 books & 2 CD's)

The ultimate pack includes the original book & CD and the new play along book & CD!

Musictek is proud to announce the release of Darryn Farrugia's The Groove Perspective Play along Book & CD
"When I released Groove Perspective in 2003, it had always been my intention to follow it up with a play-along book - a product that placed my stylistic playing approach in a play along context. This book is about playing music and having fun, learning how to 'lock in' with a backing track and play with a rhythm section. It will also give you a sense of playing behind a soloist and interacting whilst laying down a groove"

Please note!
The original Groove Perspective book & CD is now only available as part of the Ultimate Pack!

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