Kotche, Glenn: A Beat a Week for Drumset

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A Beat a Week for Drumset - 96 P.; 52 Beats aus Kotche's Aufnahmen; mit Übe-Tipps und Erläuterungen aufgeteilt in Kapitel: Ride Interpretations, Beats incorporationg Percussion, Beats with unconventional Hi-Hat Use, Beats in 3/4 Time, Beats in odd times, Beats with Melody, etc.; Text engl.

A Beat a Week, by Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche, contains 52 unique beats from his recorded catalog. Intended as a supplemental method, it explains the inspiration, origins, and evolution of these diverse beats with detailed text alongside each one. Taking the same concepts that embody Kotche's playing, it promotes a total percussion approach to drumset by exhibiting a wide variety of source material ranging from rock, jazz, classical, marching, world, and electronic percussion idioms. Each beat is broken down into step-by-step examples for deeper understanding and in-depth study. This book is perfect for drummers at all levels or anyone curious about the creative process.

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