Mallets Innovative DF30

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David Friedman DF30 Vibraphone - Rattanstiel, yarn wound (Garn), voller Ton, für Ensemble-Spiel

The David Friedman Series vibraphone and marimba mallets were designed for internationally acclaimed percussionist, composer, and educator, David Friedman. The marimba mallets are cord-wrapped, while the vibraphone models are wrapped with a synthetic yarn, and all models are built on rattan handles. The DF20 SOFT MARIMBA is a heavier weight mallet that draws a beautiful fundamental tone from the instrument, ideal for accompanying and soloing in the lower and middle registers. The DF25 MARIMBA is a versatile mallet that possesses a wide palette of colors, speaking fully in all registers. It is perfect in an ensemble setting. The DF30 VIBRAPHONE mallet creates a full deep tone, yet is able to speak through an ensemble without being too percussive and is great for all instrumental settings. Finally, the DF30L LIGHT VIBRAPHONE mallet is ideal for players who prefer a lighter weight mallet that still creates a full sound. It is perfect for solo playing, yet can create rich tonality needed for a soft ballad.

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