Metzger, Patrick: Drum Training Four on the Floor

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Drum Training Four on the Floor - 112 pages; Playing style, while the main rhythm is given by four bass drum hits. Workouts, grooves, variations, fills; over 40 different genres, extra playlong for jamming, play to the loops of 5 well-known bassists, over 700 audio samples; text German

What does "Four On The Floor" mean?
Translated you could say: "Four on the floor"! This refers to a certain way of playing for the drummer, who sets the main rhythm with four bass drum beats. If the drummer plays with the bass drum, i.e. with the foot four quarter notes in time and adds snare drum and hi-hat etc. to a complete groove, this is called "Four On The Floor" groove by drummers. Thus, the bass drum also acts like a metronome.

Innovative Concept
Drum Training "Four On The Floor" offers a detailed insight into this playing style and probably the most played drum groove in the world. This phenomenon can be found in countless music genres and not only in current pop music. Over 40 styles including background knowledge are a big part of this book. Furthermore you will find many exercises for coordination, timing and variations for grooves. A collection of well-known songs and their drum grooves round out the whole concept.

Practical and effective
In five chapters you will find numerous exercises as well as many groove and fill-in examples from the everyday playing of a modern "all-round" drummer. From basic grooves to intricate fills, every player at his personal level will find detailed info here to get even better. Fact is: In the end it has to sound good and work for the player as well as for the band and the respective song. You will achieve this goal here on your own.

Best support through QR codes
Through the QR codes given, you can get directly to the respective groove examples. There are around 700 audio examples here, so you can get an idea about the sound, dynamics and also tempos at any time. You can easily access and play the QR codes via smartphone or tablet.

Jamtrack & Bass Loops
In a specially arranged Jamtrack you can directly apply and try out various "Four On The Floor" grooves in different genres. In addition, there are also matching basslines for different styles, which have been specially recorded by well-known bassists. So you jam with some of the most famous bassists of the German-speaking scene. You can get directly to these loops via the respective QR codes.

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