Moore, James: Percussion Up Front Vol. 5 Solo Features (Extended)

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Series for Snare Drums - Quad Toms - Bass Drums (4) & Cymbals
Marching Percussion Cadences, Warmups,
Cheers, & Solo Features
(In Five Volumes)
by James L. Moore

This series of marching percussion compositions - for snare drums - quad toms - bass drums (4) - & cymbals - provides material of varying lengths and levels of difficulty that may be utilized as -

Percussion section solo features
Percussion breaks in full band/corps numbers
Warmup material for the percussion section
Marching cadences for parades
Percussion led cheers for football games and other athletic events
( Also smaller portions of any of the compositions may be extracted and used as desired)

Volume 5 - SOLO FEATURE (Extended)
“The Big Bang”

(Full Score and Set of Parts)
The Composer
Dr. James L. Moore was head of percussion studies in the School of Music of The Ohio State University and for 25 years he was the percussion instructor with the OSU Marching Band. Earlier in his career he served as a percussion instructor at the Armed Forces School of Music in Washington, D. C. His bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Music Education are from the University of Michigan, where he was a member of the percussion section of the UM Marching Band, and his doctoral degree in Music Theory is from The Ohio State University.

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