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DVD Igoe, Tommy/Firth: Groove Essentials - Samples

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Based on the Groove Essentials poster created by Tommy Igoe and Vic Firth, this DVD presents 47 essential grooves from Rock, Jazz and R&B/Funk to World/Ethnic music. Drum artist, teacher and author Tommy Igoe, demonstrates each pattern at the drums and also with a rhythm track, featuring some of NY'S top musicians. Mastering these patterns will greatly expand your knowledge while allowing you to become a more well-rounded player with the confidence to perform in virtually, any musical situation. Styles include 8th-note, 16th-note and half-time Rock; Jazz waltz, shuffle and swing; R&B, Hip-Hop and Funk as well as World music styles, including Second Line, Reggae, Bossa Nova, Samba, Mambo, Cha-Cha, Bolero, and Tango. Tommy thoroughly explains each groove breaking each down to it's basic elements and performing each one with and without a live band rhythm track at two different tempos. As a special bonus a free Groove Essentials poster (courtesy of Vic Firth drum sticks), is included, containing fully-notated examples of each groove.
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1 - 1 von 118 Ergebnissen