Kastuck, Steve: Rhythmic Designs for Snare Drum

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Rhythmic Designs is a collection of fifteen progressively challenging etudes. Each etude presents musical material and technique required of today's performers. There is an abbreviated notation and a poly-rhythmic anlysis section that provides a clear educational interpretation of the many basic and complex "Rhythmic Designs" found in the etudes and solos. Every etude is written as if it were a small solo so they are suitable for audition or festival. Performers will find each etude enjoyable to play, challenging and of high educational value. The three acclaimed solos include; "Two Short Pieces", "Niitake Dawn", and "The Rifleman". This method book is truly designed for the 21 st century musician and educator.

An historical tribute to Paul Price is the forward of this outstanding method book. Also included is a partial listing of notable percussionist, composers, and educators, worthy of study.

Some of the features of "Rhythmic Designs" are:

  • A tribute to Paul Price who was the visionary of the percussion ensemble and today's percussion literature.
  • A listing of important percussionists, composers, educators, and individuals vital to the success and development of the Percussive Arts Society.
  • An abbreviated notation section often ignored or not understood.
  • A Poly-Rhythmic analysis section which clearly defines "How to Interpret" the rhythms found in the etudes and solos. A MUST understanding for the contemporary percussionist.
  • Fifteen etudes - each musically suitable for solo or audition and progressively challenging.
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