Johnson, Scott: Progression 15 Solos for the contemporary Rudimental Drummer (Buch + DVD)

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64 p.; 15 Solos easy to advanced; DVD contains Demos of Solos and more; Text engl.

This isn’t your granddaddy’s book of rudimental solos!
The drum solos of yesteryear have a very limited vocabulary: 26 rudiments and perhaps a
dynamic or two. The world has changed a lot in the past 40 years – from vinyl to tape to
disc, from rotary phones to fax to internet – and today’s rudimental drumming vocabulary
has dramatically changed as well!

Rudiments have evolved from learning a standard list to infinite possibilities. Rhythmic
understanding has progressed from basic 8ths and 16ths to odd meters, 5’s and 7’s. Tempos
have advanced to the extremes as has dynamic control. Today’s rudimental drummer needs
to learn more than a handful of rudiments to be successful – he or she needs to be exposed
to today’s contemporary literature.

Grounded in the past, with an eye to the future,
Scott Johnson knows a thing or two about how to play the drum – and how to teach others to
do the same. With over 40 years of performing and teaching at the highest levels of marching
percussion, Scott rolls his vast experience into this collection of fifteen graduated solos –
which will take your playing from a solid foundation to the cutting edge of contemporary
rudimental drumming!

Video DVD packed with instructional content and performances by Scott Johnson!

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