Cangelosi, Casey: Technical Timing for Snare Drum and Metronome

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Technical Timing for Snare Drum and Metronome - 51 S.; 310 Übungen für Fortgeschr., 5000 techn. Variationen möglich; durch dauernde Taktänderungen verschiebt sich der Metronomschlag immer wieder; Polyrhythmik, etc.; Text engl.

A method for metronome and snare drum. 310 exercises with 5000+ interchangeable technical variations. Contents: Purpose, Notation, Challenge Substitutions, Tips/FYI Section 1, Shifts by Two Section 2, Shifts by Three Section 3, Shifts by Four Section 4, Polyrhythmic Check Measures Section 5, Polyrhythmic Shift Measures Each exercise alternates between “check measures” and “shift measures.” The check measures serve as measures of stability, allowing the performer to know if they have properly moved the click to its correct location. The shift measures relocate the click to a new partial of the beat. The metronome is always notated so that the player knows where the click belongs. The number of check and shift measures in an exercise will vary depending on how many shifts are required for the pattern to cycle through. “Challenge Substitutions” are modifications to the exercises. Challenge substitutions are meant to create variations and increase difficulty with various stand-in substitutions.

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