Karas, Sperie: 50 Syncopated Snare Drum Solos (Book/Online Audio)

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50 Syncopated Snare Drum Solos - 72 S.; Jazz, Pop und Rock; + Snare Solos on Drumset, + Comping Snare Solos; Audio Samples über Online Zugang, mittelschwer

Learn 50 Syncopated Snare Drum Solos with this comprehensive guide.
In this book, Sperie Karas takes you systematically through the land of syncopation, starting with 4/4 time, and on to odd and changing meters. The mastery of these solos prepares you for today's musical scene, giving you the control and security for the most demanding contemporary musical challenges in jazz, pop, and rock. Your reading skills will also be rewarded.

The pieces in 50 Syncopated Snare Drum Solos are ideal for competitions and concerts and are applicable to the Drumset, as Sperie demonstrates.

This book comes complete with online access to audio for download or streaming, making it a must for today's serious drummer.

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