Cristofol, Aaron: Percu-Light for Percussion Quartet

Cristofol, Aaron: Percu-Light for Percussion Quartet

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Percu-Light for Percussion Quartet - 2'15 Min.; Rudimental für 4 Trommeln, gespielt im Dunkeln mit leuchtenden Stöcken; mittelschwer

Percu-Light is a piece composed for percussion quartet + Percusión with the reason to include it in their educational show Play me a Christmas Carol. The piece was premiered on December 14, 2015 at the Tívoli Theatre in Godella (Valencia).

Percu-Light is a mid-level rudimetal work to be performed on drums. Its peculiarity is that it should be interpreted in total darkness and light sticks. The models of drumsticks used for the premiere were the Rock Stix LED.

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