Strajnar, Jaka: Svet bobnov The Drum World

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Svet bobnov The Drum World - 24 S.; Neun Kompositionen für Snare Drum Gruppen, Rudimental Stil, Stick Tricks etc.; mittelschwer

The Drum world is a collection of nine compositions for percussion groups, played on drums only. For the performance can be used snare drums on stands or marching drums. On the web site you can also check the live versions of the songs. The compositions use the rudimental technique for snare drum (single and double strokes, flams, rolls…), tricks with sticks (spinning for 360°, flipping for 180°, playing with the stick in the mouth…) and marching. Playing in a group will be more fun and motivating. And the audience will love it too!

  • Language: English
  • 24 pages

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  1. The Drum World
  2. The South Stand Wibe
  3. Fasten Your Seat Belt
  4. Loud Muttering
  5. The 13 A Classroom Echo
  6. Behind the Five Mountains
  7. The Low Visibility Communication
  8. Equatorial Archipelago Inhabitants
  9. The Rimfaith and Beyond
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