Savage, Ron: Berklee Instant Drumset (Book + CD)

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Berklee Instant Drumset (Buch + CD) - 29 S.; Anfängerschule, einfache Grooves für Rock-Musik; mit Play-alongs; Text engl.

Learn to Play the Drum Set Instantly!

This revolutionary new book will have you jammin' right away. No matter what your level of musical knowledge, this is a simple fun method for students of all ages who want to start playing the drums. Pop in the accompanying CD and jam with the band in a variety of musical styles, including rock, blues, country, and funk.

Features include:

  • Simple lessons to get you playing instantly
  • Play-along CD so you can listen and jam
  • Dozens of tunes in different styles including rock, funk, and jazz
  • Solid drum beats you'll use in these tunes and beyond
  • Tips on playing and locking in with a bass player
  • Enough technique and theory to get you playing, but not too much!
  • Strategies to help you understand the drum set and develop your own beats

Whether you are learning to play the drum set as your first instrument or adding drums to your line-up, this Berklee method is the fastest way to learn the drums. It will set you well on your way to becoming a highly skilled player.


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