O'Mahoney, Terry: 100 Essential Drumset Lessons (Buch + MP3-CD)

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100 Essential Drumset Lessons (Buch + MP3-CD) - 186 S.; umfangreiches Schulwerk in 100 Lektionen; Rock, Jazz, Funk, Metal, Hip-Hop, Blues, Country, Reggae, Afro-Cuban; Rudiments, Odd Times, Brushes, etc.; Text engl.

100 Essential Drumset Lessons contains exercises, examples and advice that drummers of all abilities will find useful. Featuring over 300 demonstration and play-along audio tracks, this informative guide includes instruction on playing in a wide range of styles-from basic rock and funk to metal and advanced swing.

Fills, metric superimposition, odd time playing and soloing concepts are all covered, with helpful technical exercises. 100 Essential Drumset Lessons also gives advice on productive practicing techniques and five Drumset audition solos are included, for use at all-state auditions, music festivals and recitals.

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