Black, Dave/Powers, Mark: Alfred's Drumset Method Book 2 (Buch + CD+)

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Alfred's Drumset Method Book 2 (Buch + CD+) - 48 S.; Fortsetzung von "Alfred's Beginning Drumset Method", Rock Concepts, Accents, Ghost Notes, Linear + Latin Style, Shuffle, Brushes, etc.; Text engl.; CD+ mit Übe-Software und 60 Min. MP3 Audio Tracks


Alfred's Drumset Method, Book 2 is a continuation of Alfred's Beginning Drumset Method. The rock and jazz vocabularies previously learned in Book 1 have been expanded, and additional concepts and genres, such as blues, 3/4 time, brushes, and Latin are introduced. The book includes a professional-quality recording demonstrating a number of the beats, fills, and styles presented throughout the book. This will enable the student to hear the beats and fills played with dynamics, so the student feels as though they're actually sitting in with a band while reading the included charts.

3/4 Beats  
About the Authors  
Accents and Ghost Notes  
Adding the Snare Drum  
Advanced Bass Drum Beats  
Advanced Linear Beats  
Blues Play-Along (Drum Chart)  
Bossa Nova Play-Along (Drum Chart)  
Cross-Stick and Latin Styles  
Cross-Stick Variations  
Cut Time  
Eighth-Note Open Hi-Hat Beats  
Embellishing the Bass Drum  
Embellishing the Left Hand  
Embellishment Combinations  
Hi-Hat Variations  
Hi-Hat, Snare Drum, and Bass Drum Embellishments  
Intermediate Rock Concepts  
Introducing 12/8 Time  
Introducing 3/4 Time  
Introducing Brushes  
Introducing Cut Time  
Introducing the Linear Style  
Introducing the Shuffle  
Jazz Fills in 3/4 Time  
Jazz Play-Along (Drum Chart)  
Latin Brushes  
Linear Beats  
Linear Fills  
More 3/4 Time Feels  
More Advanced Jazz Independence  
Rock Play-Along (Drum Chart)  
Samba Play-Along (Drum Chart)  
Sixteenth-Note Open Hi-Hat Beats  
Snare and Bass Drum Embellishments  
Student's Practice Record  
The Basic Ballad Stroke  
The Basic Jazz Stroke  
The Bossa Nova  
The Samba
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