Drago, Felipe: Play the Drums (Buch + MP3-CD)

Drago, Felipe: Play the Drums (Buch + MP3-CD)

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Play the Drums (Buch + MP3-CD) - 68 S.; für Anfänger am Drumset; Spielen, Lesen, Koordination, Theorie, Spass, Übungen, Songs; Text engl.


Play the Drums presents a new approach to learning the drumset for beginners, containing grooves, fills, reading concepts, and core rhythms in a simple and clearly organized format. This easy-to-use book and CD kit covers quarter-note, eighth-note, sixteenth-note, and triplet grooves, fills, and reading exercises. In addition, the data CD provides MP4 video demonstrations of the examples and play-along MP3s for practice. Play the Drums has everything you need to start playing the drums with real-world beats and fills as quickly as possible!

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