Payne, Jim: Funk Drumming (Buch + online Audio)

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Funk Drumming (Buch + online Audio) - 144 Seiten, Technik - Rhythmen - Übungen - Drum Charts. Rock'n Roll, Disco, Rock, Funk, Latin, Shuffle, Samba, Reggae

Modern funk drumming explained! Rock, Latin, Samba, and Blues rhythms have evolved and melded into what is known today as funk drumming. This book is designed for teachers and intermediate to advanced drum students. A basic knowledge of quarter note and eighth note rhythms is all that is you need to begin this book. Simple to complex rhythms are presented in a progressive manner.

     In each section of this book, a particular drumming style is described. Exercises are then presented to develop technique and fluency in the style being taught. Recorded examples of: a) the exercises, b) beats, and c) beats with rhythm section accompaniment are presented on the cassette to further illucidate the style.

     A drum part (chart ) written in the specific style is presented at the end of each section. The examples on the cassette are record a) with drums and a rhythm section and b) with rhythm section alone, so that students can add their own rhythms. This format gives the teacher a progressive set of elementary charts to use in class.

     The charts do not include difficult or tricky rhythmic figures. They are presented so that the student can study them and hear their interpretations on the cassette. Students can then experiment with their own interpretations by playing along with the selections as recorded with or without drums.

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