Payne, Jim: Complete Funk Drumming Book (Buch + online Audio)

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Complete Funk Drumming Book (+ online Audio) - 87 Seiten; Basic Coordination, Funk Rhythmen, Latin Rhythmen, HiHat Patterns, Triolen-Rhythmen, Linear Drumming u.a.; Text englisch

This is the most complete presentation of today's popular funk drumming style available. This book takes you from the very roots of rock and rhythm`n'blues drumming to the highly complex, multidirectional funk styles of today. He also details certain subtleties heretofore only a seasoned veteran would understand. While most drum instruction book concentrate on developing technique, reading ability, or independent coordination, this unique book accurately documents what is hip in rock`n'roll drumming today. The contents are geared to prepare the student for survival in a live playing situation. The book is a valid representation of what people want to hear from a drummer in a working situation - live or in the studio. It contains exercises drawn from many different influences covering coordination, rhythms, patterns, and phrasing.

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