Crockett, Larry: The Left Hand

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Even with many great books on the market, 95% of all drummers still have mediocre-to-poor left hand ability. The speed, power and control that drummers seek, can be realized only when both hands are close in ability.
This is the definitive word in left-hand development! To have balanced sound, speed, ultimate control and power, you need even-handed ability. Exercises in this book are simple, clear and effective. Whatever level of ability or weakness you currently have, this book can help you.

"It's the answer to all of your problems, " says Modern Drummer Magazine.

I personally guarantee your left hand will improve as a result of using this book, or I will give you a full refund—no questions asked! All you have to do is practice one hour a day, six days a week for 60 days with this book. If you don't see noticeable improvement, send the book back and get your money back.

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