Maturano, Phil: Latin Soloing for Drumset

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Discover the secret phrasing of African-Descent rhythms with Phil Maturano.

This book will help you gain a deeper insight into Latin rhythms and phrasing which will make your playing sound authentic and exciting. Learn to decode the phrasing of African-descent music with RTS, a unique system of shifting between cut time and 6/8. This is the key to playing Latin music- understanding and executing complex and stylistically challenging rhythms.

The accompanying online audios feature the examples in the book to play along with, and some full band examples.

6/8 Native
About The Cd
Afro-american (Jazz)
Afro-brazilian (Samba, Batacuda, Bossa Nova)
Afro-caribbean (Soca)
Afro-cuban (Mambo, Cha Cha)
Almost There
Challenges And Benefits Aof Rts
Hand Variation - Rudiments
Hand Variation Around The Kit
Hi- And Mid- Tom With Snare
Hi-hat And Bass Drum Ostinatos
Hi-tom With Snare
Lbefore You Start
Odd-note Groupings
Reversed Sticking
Single Voice Accents
South American (Cumbia)


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