Berroa, Ignacio: A New Way of Groovin' (Buch + CD)

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Author of the highly successful "Groovin’ in Clave", renowned Cuban Drummer Ignacio Berroa’s latest book with CD expands on the concepts introduc ed in the earlier book. The object this time is to integrate aspects of Ja zz-Style drumming with the Afro-Cuban inflected rock and funk rhythms that were explored in Groovin’ in Clave. By combining elements from both books , the player will be able to move freely among several styles of music - J azz, Rock, Funk and Latin - adding an exciting depth and variety to the pl aying by letting the musical styles be both separate and fused, depending on the musical situation and the drummer’s own inspiration. The CD is desi gned to demonstrate the various grooves in the book and includes play-alon g songs that give the player chances to use the grooves in.
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