Bergamini, Joe/Fuhrman,K.: Turn It Up & Lay It Down Vol. 1 Style and Analysis (Buch + CD)

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The Ultimate Tool for Creative Drumming Warner Bros. Publications (Sheet Music/Song Books) Drummers and teachers worldwide have been praising and working with the Turn it Up & Lay it Down series of play-along bass CDs produced by Spencer Strand. Now the definitive educational companion has arrived, a method book that offers you a plethora of groove options to perform with each track in all of the various styles from the CD. Plus you'll see how to use Turn it Up & Lay it Down in conjunction with dozens of drum books with a one-of-a-kind cross-reference section in each chapter. Also included throughout are sidebars that highlight the inspirations for these grooves, such as Steve Gadd, Bernard Purdie and Jeff Porcaro. In addition, ten of the best-known drum educators have added their unique grooves written specifically for this book. This book is an indispensable educational resource unlike any other drum book.
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