Minnemann, Marco: Maximum Minnemann (Buch + CD)

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Maximum Minnemann offers an in-depth look at Marco's daily practice

routine, spotlighting his "rhythmical musical diary," which contains his

cutting-edge concepts and interdependence ideas. With years of repeated

practice and experimentation, Marco's skills have evolved and propelled him

to legendary status in the drumming community.

Discover Marco's amazing and creative four-limb interdependence approach to

many standard rudiments along with fresh, innovative concepts and

applications, including time stretching and double bass stretching, playing

paradiddles in "odd" new ways, blazing double bass drum pyramids with

rhythmical overlaps, and much more.

As a bonus, Marco includes a previously unreleased Zappa-esque

play-along track and accompanying chart [delete comma] specifically designed to

showcase the creative and innovative patterns and concepts featured in this book.

Marco says, "Practice these patterns and concepts with minimum effort, and

you'll achieve maximum results!"


- Double bass pyramids

- Odd-a-diddles and pyradiddles

- Time stretching and rhythmical overlaps

- Infinite ostinato interdependence exercises

- Maximum rudiments, patterns, and combinations

- Explosive play-along bonus track and much more

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