Chaffee, Gary: Odd Time Stickings

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This book is an extension of Gary Chaffee's popular Sticking Patterns, Book 1. Since the use of different meters has become much more common in contemporary music, the book explores how stickings can be used in a variety of odd meters. It includes a number of sticking phrases for each meter that can then be used to create your own time feel and solo ideas.

PART I---Meter Studies  
Sticking Phrases in 3/4  
Sticking Patterns in 5/8  
Sticking Patterns in 11/8  
Sticking Patterns in 13/16  
Sticking Patterns in 7/8  
Sticking Patterns in 15/8  
Larger Meters---Sticking Phrases in 5/4  
PART II---Additional Possibilities  
Alternating Phrases  
Combining Phrases  
Naturally Longer Phrases  
Mixing Different Rhythms  
Mixing Different Materials  


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