Gold, Russ: Drums Technique: Phrasing

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Drums Technique: Phrasing - 100 S.; advanced Rudiments for Creative Drumming; aus der Reihe "Berkle Press"; Video/Audio Access online; Text engl.

With Phrasing: Advanced Rudiments For Creative Drumming, you can advance your creativity and command of the Drum set.

Phrasing will help you expand your vocabulary by using standard rudiments and exciting rhythmic concepts, making your playing more conversational, dynamic, and focused.

First, you'll learn a core set of phrases that are the basis for all of the exercises. Then, each of the 50 lessons applies rudiments and innovative stickings to the phrases to explode the rhythmic potential of standard practice routines. This process will give you a comprehensive Drum set vocabulary that you can bring to all groove styles.

52 minutes of video demonstration and audio play-along tracks are accessible online for download or streaming, using the unique code inside this book.

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