Calarco, John: Drumset Fills

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Drumset Fills - 56 S.; 500 Fills, All Styles, all levels: Rock, Blues, Gospel, Country, Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Reggae, Ska, Odd-Time; mit Online Audio Access; Text engl.

This collection of practical patterns can be used as fills in a wide variety of musical genres, and can also be combined into solos. While many of the 500 patterns in this book can be applied to just about any musical style, the author has grouped the fills into the specific genres in which they would likely appear. Includes rock, jazz, funk, country, blues, reggae, gospel, fusion and odd times. The book has easy fills for the beginner and works its way through intermediate and advanced fils. In addition, each fill is demonstrated twice on the audio; once at a typical performance tempo and once at a slower tempo.

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