Smith, Steve: Pathways of Motion (Buch + DVD)

Smith, Steve: Pathways of Motion (Buch + DVD)

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Pathways of Motion (Book + DVD) - 106 S.; hand technique for the drumset using four versions of matched grip; developing rebound and rudimental concepts; Paradiddle Variations, Stickings, Rudiments, Moeller Motions, etc.; over 2 hours of video lessons, text engl.

This book and DVD set presents a wealth of information, based around hand technique, that also covers rudiments, musical phrasing and much more.

Based around Smith's current use and analysis of matched-grip Drumset technique. Video, text, and notation come together in this package to clearly explain and demonstrate four distinct grips that Smith has identified and developed in his own playing. Each grip is thoroughly explored in its basic motions on the snare drum, and then translated to drumset applications and phrases.

Going beyond hand technique, the book includes dozens of challenging and fun rudimental phrases that are used to apply the grips, but that also build phrasing ideas, vocabulary and chops. Ergonomic Drum setup, Moeller motions and other topics are also covered, accompanied by plenty of exciting solo playing from Smith. The book is packed with insights and practical ideas of how a drummer can develop the building blocks of a usable and hip-sounding vocabulary that has nearly limitless applications.

The accompanying DVD contains matching videos for all the lessons included in the text. Each lesson is clearly numbered and titled, making it easy to work with text, notation and video together as you study these concepts. The video files are also available online for download or streaming using a unique access code in the book.

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