Sharone, Gil: Wicked Beats: Jamaican Ska, Rocksteady & Reggae Drumming

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Wicked Beats: Jamaican Ska, Rocksteady & Reggae Drumming - 120 S.; Patterns, Beats und Fills zu: Nyabingi, Jamaican Boogie, Burru, Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, Hip-Hop, etc.; 

Gil Sharone 's Wicked Beats is a complete guide to the Jamaican drumming styles of Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae. In this insightful DVD, Sharone takes you on a musical journey through these styles and explores some of the earlier styles that helped shape them including African Nyabingi and Burru drumming. Sharone introduces and demonstrates classic &ldquo,riddims&rdquo, that are essential for achieving an authentic sound. With instructional breakdowns, stellar performances, detailed eBook and in-depth commentary, you will be able to fully grasp what these highly influential styles have to offer and apply them to your own playing! This DVD features special appearances by: Reggae historian Roger Steffens, Jamaican drumming pioneer Lloyd Knibb of The Skatalites, Reggae drumming legend Carlton Santa Davis, Adrian Young from No Doubt. It also includes: over 11 performances, classic beats and variations of each style, segment on achieving the right sound, detailed transcriptions.

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