Appice, Carmine and Vinny/ Fischer, Eric: Drum Wars (Buch + DVD)

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Drum Wars (Buch + DVD) - 64 S.; Transkriptionen von zwei Drum-Soli von Carmine und Vinny Appice, mit Übungen und Beispielen, DVD enthält Slow-Motions der Soli; Text engl.

The Drum Wars book and DVD kit takes drum solos of Carmine and Vinny Appice, and breaks them down into easily digestible sections. By viewing the included video footage of the solos at 75% and 50% of their normal speed, students can see, hear, and thoroughly understand each section. With the addition of MP3s, each solo is presented with the clearest sound, even at slower speeds. In the book, each section of the solos is notated and explained, and also comes with foundational patterns that will help students learn the recorded solo patterns slowly. A complete transcription of each solo is also included for reading students.

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