Sgrulloni, Gregory: Trap Style Drumming

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Trap Style Drumming - 82 S.; Übungen und Grooves im "Trap Style", für akustische und elektronische Drums; Text engl.

The first ever instructional book on how to play Trap style beats - Trap Style Drumming for the Acoustic and Hybrid Drum Set - written by Greg Torch Sgrulloni! This book dissects and explains the elements found in Trap grooves and provides exercises for application on the drum set. The culmination of four years of research, trial and error, and experimentation into the most concise and comprehensive learning tool for Trap style drumming currently available. The goal of this book is to inspire you to explore the rhythmic possibilities Trap style drumming has to offer, discover your own musical individuality within this style and apply these rhythms to your drumming in your own unique way.

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