Cohen, Alex: Ultimate Progressive Drumming

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Ultimate Progressive Drumming - 64 S.; Independance, Balance, Groove Coordination, Melodic Phrasing, Unison Patterns, Weak-Foot Builders, Hybrid Rudiments, Micro-Timing, Polyrhythm, etc.; Video Exemples Online; Text english

Ultimate Progressive Drumming, by Alex Cohen, pushes the boundaries of drum independence and technical complexity while providing foundational training that will help all drummers, regardless of style. Starting with basic independence and balance training on the drums, Cohen moves into groove coordination, melodic phrasing, unison patterns, and weak-foot builders in the early sections of the book. He then delves in to various topics for advanced soloing over ostinato patterns and using rhythmic cells to create complex phrases. Later sections of the book address some of the most cutting edge topics in progressive and extreme drumming today, such as hybrid rudiments applied to the kit, micro-timing and practicing to a displaced click, applications of polyrhythms, extreme independence, ambidexterity, and use of the freehand technique over ostinatos. Also included are transcriptions of influential patterns from Alex's favorite drummers. The package comes with over 50 minutes of video demonstrating dozens of examples and solos from the book.

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