Owens Jr., Ulysses: Jazz Brushes for the Modern Drummer

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Jazz Brushes for the Modern Drummer - 80 S.; History, Method, Application, Recording, Play-along, Video Display of Technique, Perfecting the Gift, My Voice, etc.; Text engl.; über zwei Stunden Audio Play-alongs, Demos und Video Lessons als Download verfügbar

The art of jazz drumming has greatly evolved through generations of players whose approaches have influenced styles, techniques, and even the tools with which this music is played. No other tool is as immediately identified with jazz than the retractable wire brush used by drummers throughout the world. In this book, acclaimed Grammy Award-winning jazz drummer, composer, educator, and producer Ulysses Owens Jr. (Christian McBride, Gregory Porter, Ted Nash, Joey Alexander, and many others) explains the history of the development of the brushes in jazz along with exercises and illustrations to help you play with authenticity and ease.

• Play-along tracks and demos that allow you to play with a vocalist and full rhythm section comprised of some of today's best jazz musicians

• Instructional videos in which Ulysses shows you how to implement the discussed techniques in real time

• Bonus interviews

• A comprehensive list of recordings of jazz brushes players from over the years

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