Arber, Alan: How to Build Drum Grooves over Bass Lines

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How to Build Drum Grooves over Bass Lines -  48 S.; Zusammenspiel zwischen Bass und Drums in verschiedenen Stilen: Pop, Rock, Funk, Country, Reggae, Shuffle, Techno, Latin, Hip-Hop, Second Line, Ballads. Zu jeder Bass-Linie werden mehrere Drum Grooves angeboten; Text engl.

This addition to the “How To...” series demonstrates how a drummer and bass player should interact with and respond to each other in different musical styles. Each section of the book presents a bass guitar line in the style of a specific genre, which is then followed by four different drum grooves. These mini-lessons achieve two goals: 1) they illustrate what a drummer should listen for in a bass line; and 2) they demonstrate how to build and execute proper drum grooves. Each exercise builds a drum groove by orchestrating which drum(s) can be played around that rhythm. You can use each exercise as a building block that leads to the fourth (and final) groove of each section. Includes over 200 audio tracks!

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