Garibaldi, David: DG'z Notebook

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DG'z Notebook - 68 S.; My Path to the Groove - Ideas from a Beat Collector, advanced drumming concepts to improve your playing; Text engl.


DG’z Notebook, the newest book from Tower of Power drumming legend David Garibaldi, is a challenging and fun method to expand your creative groove vocabulary and develop an inspiring practice routine. The book consists of intermediate to advanced funk grooves that employ topics focused on improving your playing in specific areas: permutating a groove to different places in the bar, applying odd phrases to 4/4 grooves, using your favorite songs as practice tracks for advanced groove ideas, and much more.

Accompanying this book are practice tools including video for nearly every example in the book and notation with a moving cursor. The video and notation can be sped up, slowed down, and resized in any way you desire. There has never been a more complete funk drumming method with practice tools and an approach to practice available!

Long known as a leading educator with many books and DVDs to his credit (including the classic Future Sounds and Hudson Music’s best-selling The Code of Funk book/media package and Breaking the Code DVD), David is in constant search of growth and improvement on the drums. Having inspired thousands of drummers over his legendary career with Tower of Power, many have wondered what system David uses to push himself and achieve higher levels of playing. With DG’z Notebook, David reveals that system for you.

The book is based upon David’s method of journaling his practice in a notebook, returning to concepts to develop them over months and years, while constantly adding new ideas to the collection. DG’z Notebook not only shows you fresh concepts, but an approach to practice. Various topics within a framework of funk/R&B drumming are included, although the ideas can be applied to any style. Beat permutations, shuffles, 6/8 playing, and the importance of triplet grooves are covered. David also updates two classic studies from Future Sounds with new, advanced variations. The concept of playing odd 16th-note or 8th-note based meters that cycle within 4/4, 6/8 or 12/8 time is a major topic, expanded upon in several lessons.

“Brothers and Sisters of the Drum! I’m very excited to be able to bring you some unique tools for your learning journey,” said Garibaldi. “The concepts in this work are ones that I’ve been using for a very long time, and they have helped me to continue to grow and expand. Journaling is a proven strategy in personal development and goal setting. In my notebook, I write down musical ideas, and have found it to be a powerful way to develop my musical vocabulary.”

Achieve a higher level of your own drumming with David Garibaldi as you practice and groove alongside him in DG’z Notebook.

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